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Restrict premium content, create custom registration fields, and more. You need a membership site, but you want to focus on your business, not mastering a plugin. WP-Members is simple to use, easy to set up, yet flexible in every way imaginable. The plugin restricts selected WordPress content to registered site members. WP-Members puts the registration process on the site front end so it is part of your content instead of the native WP login page. WP-Members requires no modifications to your theme while remaining scalable for users who want to customize the look and feel, or want to restrict only some content.

It is a great tool for sites offering premium content to subscribers and is adaptable to a variety of applications. WP-Members allows you to restrict content as restricted or hidden, limiting access to registered users.

WP-Members Documentation

A full Users Guide is available here. The guide outlines the installation process, and also documents how to use all of the settings. Visit the site for more info. The plugin has several premium extensions for additional functionality. You can purchase any of them individually, or get them all for a significant discount in the Pro Bundle. The default when viewing a blocked post - the plugin will deliver a login screen and registration form in place of blocked content this default can be changed to other options.

WP-Members Documentation

Admin Panel - Fields Tab - the plugin field manager allows you to manage or delete the installed extra fields and field order, and also add your own custom fields. Admin Panel - Dialogs Tab - the major dialogs that the plugin uses for error and other messages can be edited in the plugin's admin panel.

Admin Panel - Emails Tab - all of the emails that are sent by the plugin can be edited in the admin panel. Please follow the installation instructions below.

The best way to begin is to review the Initial Setup Video. You are ready to begin using WP-Members. Powerful cusotmizations can be constructed with over action and filter hooksas well as user accessible functions. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Including all 3. This targets an issue specifically affecting users with the WP-Members Security extension installed. Allows for no default membership assigned at registration.It also is a very extensible framework that has many features allowing you to customize how it integrates into your WordPress installation.

The first thing you should know is that the plugin installs with certain default settings. You may need to make changes to these in order to achieve the behaviors that you want for your site. The plugin is very flexible and can be used in a variety of situations. Additionally, some of these settings are optional, so not all of them need to be used. This guide will discuss all of the features of the plugin. If you are looking to get things set up quickly, there is a simple Quick Start Guide to get you going.

wp membership documentation

It covers the basic set up. There are some video tutorials available that will help you with initial setup of the plugin. At the end of this guide, I have included some links to the FAQs and some additional tips and tricks. There are many advanced tutorials and code snippets available on this site. If you would like access, please consider subscribing. There are some key elements that you should probably be aware of as you get started.

Ready to get started? Join Today!The first section of the main options is Manage Options and it is divided into four sections:. The second section after Manage Options is for selecting any Custom Post Types to be managed by the plugin. This section handles content blocking settings and how that will be displayed. There will be a setting for each post type that the plugin is set to handle.

By default this will be Posts and Pages. However, if custom post types are identified in the Custom Post Types section, those will be added here.

wp membership documentation

Keep in mind that not all CPTs function the same, and not all of them behave exactly like posts. This determines the default setting for each post type. As a default setting, any post of the identified post type will receive this handling if it does not have a specific setting at the post level set in the post editor window.

By default, the plugin will display a login and registration form in the place of blocked content. Whether these display or not by default can be managed by post type with these two settings. The default setting at install will display both login and registration on blocked posts and pages instead of the content. This setting allows you to automatically define an excerpt for each post type. This setting makes it easy to get up and running, especially on a site that already has existing content to be blocked.

wp membership documentation

If you have an image in the excerpt, all of the tags will be counted as part of the word count. They can be used for levels, membership groups, single page access, etc. They can expire or not expire.

Generally, this menu item will appear below the Comments menu. It will create a clone of any menu location in your theme. When turned on, the admin will receive an email notification for any new registrations. This is especially helpful when Moderate Registration is turned on. If you wish to approve a registration manually prior to allowing them access to the site, turn on Moderate Registration.

With this turned on, any new users must be approved by a site admin prior to receiving access. Users can be approved individually via the user detail page. Some of these are for WP settings conflicts and others are specific to the plugin. You can turn the warning messages off with this toggle. This is a freely available plugin that is supported solely by users who purchase a support subscription.

If you use the plugin and find it useful, please consider adding the attribution link. New installations should only use version 2. This section identifies certain specific pages that can optionally be set up. These are optional, although recommended. Keep in mind that these settings merely identify the location of the page so that the proper link can be generated. Identifies the location of a specific login page.

Establishes a page specifically for registration. Specifying the URL of your optional Register Page in this field will cause the plugin to add a Register Link to the login form in both the main content area and the sidebar widget.

The Lost Password Reset feature is also maintained on this page. Specifying the URL of your optional User Profile in this field will cause the plugin to add a Forgot Password Link to the login form in both the main content area and the sidebar widget.

WP-Members offers a dropdown selector for choosing from the installed stylesheets.Customers can get access to a membership by purchasing a product, registering for an account, or you can choose to only create memberships by manually assigning them to customers. Memberships are valid for an unlimited time or set length i. Memberships can restrict your posts, pages, and custom post types such as portfolios so that only members can access them. You can also restrict WooCommerce products: Memberships lets you to prevent viewing a product, or only restrict purchasing to members while allowing it to be publicly viewed.

Memberships allows you to schedule when members should have access to content, known as content dripping. If customers sign up for a membership, you can determine how long they have to wait to gain access to certain content in terms of days, weeks, months, or years. Here are Memberships documents by category. Looking for a new feature? You can view the idea board and vote for new ones! Please review our document on translating extensionsspecifically the section about SkyVerge plugins, as this will apply to Memberships.

Always test first! Memberships is compatible with most plugins and themes out-of-the-box. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every WordPress plugin or WooCommerce extension.

These plugins have known incompatibilities, and cannot be used with WooCommerce Memberships. WooCommerce Memberships includes built-in support for WordPress and WooCommerce privacy tools for both personal data export, and personal data erasure requests.

WP User Frontend Pro User Directory Module For WordPress

When a personal data export request is confirmed and processed, Memberships will automatically add membership information after WooCommerce orders in this export file.

When a personal data erasure request is confirmed and processed, Memberships can automatically remove membership data for the customer as well. If enabled, this will automatically remove all membership data when an erasure request is processed. There are six valid bases for data processing as outlined by the GDPR, so if you use personal data erasure requests in compliance, please consult your attorney as to whether membership information should be deleted or retained. As this may fall under fulfilling a contractual obligation, you should seek legal counsel to determine whether membership data should be erased or retained with these requests.

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Already purchased and need some assistance? Please get in touch via the help desk. WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Memberships touches several parts of your site, so there are several independent documents to review for a comprehensive view of what the plugin does.

You must be using WordPress 4. Get Started. Support teams across the world.Depending on what plugins you have active on your site, different options for applying tags and syncing data will be available. Read through the descriptions here to see what additional options WP Fusion adds to each of these supported plugins.

The Abandoned Cart Tracking addon lets you track abandoned carts and capture customer information before checkout is completed. Track user engagement with embedded videos and audio on your site, with triggers for starting, completing, and reaching a certain timecode. The Logins addon gives you tools for tracking user logins on your site, and performing actions if users meet certain criteria. The Webhooks addon or Zapier addon lets you send data to third party services based on events in WP Fusion.

Additional documentation, including common issues, troubleshooting techniques, and CRM-specific tutorials. Webhooks let you trigger user profile updates and other automated actions by sending data back to WP Fusion from your CRM. WP Fusion was built with developers in mind.

Some examples are listed here, and many more can be found in the code. You can attach functions to these actions to run your own custom code at specific times. Skip to content. Getting Started.

MemberPress User Manual

Everything you need to quickly get up and running with WP Fusion. Installation Guide. Basic Setup. Syncing Contact Fields. Restricting Access to Content.

Showing and Hiding Widgets. Tracking User Activity. Activity Logs.Members is a plugin that extends your control over your blog. For more info, visit the Members plugin home page. The Members plugin is a massive project with 1,s of lines of code to maintain.

A major update can take weeks or months of work. Please consider helping the cause by:. If you need professional plugin support from us, you can visit our support page. Yes, some of them are good, but nothing fit what I had in mind perfectly. Some offered few features.

Others lacked the GPL license. You can also view the readme online. So, you must be logged in with the administrator account to access the role manager.

If, for some reason, you do have the administrator role and the role manager is still inaccessible to you, deactivate the plugin. Then, reactivate it. If you have a multisite installation, only Super Admins can create, edit, and delete roles by default.

This is a security measure to make sure that you absolutely trust sub-site admins to make these types of changes to roles. Note: This change was made in version 2. Please read the documentation for the plugin before actually using it, especially a plugin that controls permissions for your site. We cannot stress this enough.

This is a powerful plugin that allows you to make direct changes to roles and capabilities in the database. The following people have contributed to this plugin.Download Now. Simple membership plugin is very user-friendly and well-documented. You will be able to protect your content tutorials, videos, ebooks, courses behind a membership login and start charging users to access it. Install the plugin, follow our documentation and in a few minutes you will have your membership site ready to go.

It is very easy to install the simple membership plugin. You install it just like any other WordPress plugin. Upload, activate, follow our tutorials. Password protected member's area. Easily protect posts and pages that only members of the site can access and view.

Membership signup, payments, profile maintenance, account expiry, upgrade notification etc is fully automated after you set it up.

You can charge a One Time payment or a recurring payment for your membership access. For example: charge a monthly or yearly fee for the access. Create unlimited number of membership access levels free, silver, gold etc. You can charge more for higher access levels. Selectively protect the posts. Create different access levels and select which posts and pages can be viewed which access level.

View all your members, their access levels, account status all from the admin dashboard. Move or upgrade them to different access levels easily. The plugin comes with member login, registration, edit profile etc shortcodes. Use a login shortcode in the sidebar widget to create a sidebar login form.